Friday, October 8, 2010

Our October Meeting: "Through Joy and Beyond"

This just off to our e-mail list friends, about our meeting this coming Friday, the 15th of October:

We had Dr. Peters scheduled to speak at our October meeting this year, but we will have to schedule him for another time. Instead, we are going to view the 1979 documentary on the life of Lewis entitled "Through Joy and Beyond." This is probably the most important documentary made on Lewis' life, because there were so many more people alive in those days who remembered Lewis. It was produced by Bob O'Donnell, known for his radio show "Unshackled." He was able to get the famous actor Peter Ustinov to do the voice of Lewis. The narrator is Walter Hooper, Lewis' personal secretary. Many of the scenes in the film were much like they were in Lewis' time. Dr. Havard, Lewis' physician and co-Inking, was interviewed in the Eagle and Child pub. It's a great film and will take 60 minutes to watch.

It would be a good idea, if you have the time, to listen to the interview with Bob O'Donnell and his son Marty (of Halo fame) on the Kindling's Muse website. You may listen to the podcast by going here.
This will give you a better appreciation for the movie.

There was also a book published to go along with the documentary. I happen to have a copy (it's very rare) and I'll bring it so you can see it. Will Vaus says it has pictures you'll not see anywhere else.

As usual, our meeting will be held at the CAMP House, 1427 Williams Street, near Broad and Main. Come a little early (the place will be open) and have a cup of coffee at the Windfarm Coffee Bar. Hope you can come. We'll look forward to seeing you there.

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