Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March Meeting This Friday

We have reached the conclusion of Lewis' Cosmic Trilogy (I'm liking that label) and it's time to get together and talk about what we are learning from it. We will be privileged to have Dr. Steve Barnes from Shorter College in Rome to lead our discussion. Friday, March 26, the meeting will again be at Rock Point Books, 4th & Broad, 7:00 P.M. and I promise to be sure the sound works better this time. You are invited, so come and join us!

We had our March meeting last night with Dr. Steve Barnes of Shorter College. His presentation on That Hideous Strength was very interesting. If you will recall, the various planets of our solar system are involved in the the story, in that their angels come to Earth to thwart the devil's plot to destroy Logres (the True England, according to Arthurian tradition). These angels are the true gods behind the classical idea of the planets and their divinities. What Steve did was to trace the Western understanding of these gods, especially Venus and Mars, from the Greeks to the Christian tradition. He then wove this understanding into Lewis' story and helped us to see how the later characteristics of Venus and Mars played a role. He convincingly explained that the main organizing theme of the book was Matrimony. The book begins with a matrimony that is unhealthy and troubled and ends with Venus and Mars & Co. straightening all that out. Through it all, Lewis is trying to help us to understand the importance of the physical part of human nature. Fascinating.

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