Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our October Meeting

We had close to 30 people at Rock Point Books to discuss Book 2 of Mere Christianty last Friday. During the meeting, we discussed Lewis' "trilemma." Rev. Beckmann referred to the following:
N. T. Wright's critque of Mere Christianity.
Will Vaus' answer to Wright is found here.
Vaus's answers to Wright's first two points were recommended. Wright's words about Lewis' ignoring the Jewish context of the one passage regarding the forgiveness of sins was contradicted by Mr. Beckmann. It was also pointed out that Lewis refers to other passages where Christ claimed divinity beside that particular one. Mr. Beckmann also thought Wright was assuming too much in his analysis of Jesus' psychology.
We had a good time - and Rock Point is now the location of a new Moon Pie General Store!

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