Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Was Lewis Reformed?

The next to last chapter in Newsom's book, which will be part of our discussion in January, refers to an article by the Presbyterian Douglas Wilson entitled "Was C. S. Lewis Reformed?" The issue at hand is what he thought of predestination (beware - lots of people have different ideas of what is meant by that word). If you are interested in what one Christian writer has to say about Lewis' belief on this subject, you may read the article here . Afterwards, you may wish to browse the other articles in that issue.


Jim said...

Given the fact that any reasonable predestinationist
or thoughtful Armenian, when pushed, has to
acknowledge the truths of the other side (as the
article acknowledges), I fancy to
wonder what Lewis would have said when confronted with
being called "Reformed" (which, to my knowledge, never
happened). My guess is that he would have resisted
any such party labels, other than being called a
"Church of England" man.

Rev. Beckmann said...

I heard a Reformed Theological Seminary professor say today that you cannot label Lewis either Calvinist or Armenian. He crusades for "free-will" but his writings are filled with strong statements regarding God's sovereignty. I say, bravo!