Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What's going on...

We had a really good meeting over on the McCallie campus last week with those who are reading The Narnian Chronicles along with Aaron A.  We'll have another in March.  Search "Reading Through Narnia 2014" on Facebook and join the group.

Looks like we are going to be able to have Michael Ward back with us in 2015; plans are in the works.  We'll keep you posted here.  See .

I am arranging a repeat of last summer's program for this summer.  We will meet once each month (June-Aug.) on a Tuesday night at the Camp House.  Right now, I've got Dr. Crystal Sullivan Hurd from Bristol coming, and am negotiating with another speaker from out-of-town.  Check out .  BTW, for you Lewis fans that are also NASCAR fans (?), you'll want to talk to her! :-)

And don't forget: Tuesday, 4 March, Ken Myers speaking on Owen Barfield and C.S. Lewis at the annual UTC C.S. Lewis lecture, Univ. Center Auditorium, 7:30 p.m.  Hope to see you there!  UTC lecture series

The Moderator

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Reading through Narnia, 2014 meets this Friday night at McCallie School.  Check it out and come if you can (RSVP).