Monday, January 18, 2010

C. S. Lewis and Science Fiction

I have posted a brief video summary of my lecture on C. S. Lewis, Science Fiction, and Out of the Silent Planet at our last meeting on the Solid People blog. Go to Solid People to view it.


Anonymous said...

God bless you brother Beckmann! Keep up the good work. Maybe you could post a link to your church or the Anglican Fellowship of Hamilton Co.. I would like to attend a real prayer book service. Also need to hear a well-thought-out "meaty" sermon in the tradition of Bp. Moule or Ryle. All the best.

Yours truly from the "Holy Mtn.",

Bp. L. Polk

The Rev. David Beckmann said...

Thank you, brother! I'm currently without a pastorate and I do not believe the ACNA fellowship has a site. Feel free to come over to Christ Church sometime when I'm preaching.

The Old Geezer said...

I enjoyed looking over your blog
God bless you