Sunday, March 9, 2008

Our March '08 Meeting

Autumn flora in the front of the Kilns.

With about 20 people in attendance, Dr. Debbie Higgins, English professor at Southern Adventist University, gave us some peeks into her dissertation on Anglo/Saxon mead hall culture and a series of slides on the Kilns and her experiences in Oxford. Her dissertation is a feast for Tolkien fans and we hope she will be able to get it published. Many thanks to Michael Ake of McCallie School for help with the PowerPoint presentation.
Sadly, the CD recorder didn't work - again! So I will not have a recording of the meeting on our podcast. In its stead, I'll soon provide a recording of my presentation at the Past Watchful Dragons conference at Beaumont University a couple of years back.
Everything seems set for our April meeting with Michael Ward. Hope to see you there!

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