Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our October, 2007, E-mail List Post

• Meeting this month & chapter 14
• J. I. Packer on Lewis and Rowling

Our October meeting is this Friday, the 19th, 7:00-9:00 p.m. at the Vicarage in St. Elmo. We will be discussing chapters 11-14 of Miracles. As usual, if you’ve not been keeping up, don’t let that hinder you from coming. Let me know you are coming, if you please.
Having already provided you, via e-mail, with summaries of 11-13, I think we will be able to simply talk about what interests us in those chapters. Chapter 14 is easier going, but it is a long chapter. I’ll have an outline of it for us on Friday, but I will not take a lot of time summarizing it.
As you read chapter 14, remember that the object of the chapter is to ask whether or not the miracle of the incarnation is something that our sense of “fitness” can accept; does it make sense as a part of our world? If so, how and why? If it does make sense, if it seems to have a place, then we are able to consider it “probable” and free to look at history to see whether it really happened or not.
There are some powerful passages here! I look forward to our talking about them.

If you will go here: www.regentaudio.com you will find a link where you can download (for $5 Canadian) a half-hour talk by Dr. J. I. Packer on Lewis and Narnia. It is before an informal group and it is mostly about Lewis’ life and the Narnia books. Packer makes a fun personal observation about Lewis, having heard him while studying at Oxford. During a question and answer section, Packer gives his opinion of the Harry Potter series. It is positive. He compares it to the British schoolboy genre of stories, started by Thomas Hughes with his Tom Brown’s Schooldays in the 1800’s. He has a very good answer for those Americans (and it seems to be just Americans) who think the Potter books encourage the practice of witchcraft.
If you are not familiar with Dr. Packer, go here:
We look forward to seeing you Friday evening.

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