Tuesday, November 20, 2007

January '08 Meeting News

As we look forward to our December Christmas party, we are also thinking about what to do for 2008. In an attempt to encourage more people to come to our meetings, we will hold our January, '08, meeting at Rock Point Books, in downtown Chattanooga, at Broad and 4th. If any of you have attended their other events, especially readings and discussions, you know it's a great place. Plus, they have good coffee and eats for sale, along with their thoughtful selection of books to browse. It should be a great venue.

The meeting will be the third Friday of January, the 18th. As for future meetings, we would like to meet at Rock Point for the first quarter of the year, but we may have to move away from third-Fridays, especially since the third Friday of March, 2008, will be Good Friday. We'll post more information here later.

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